2016 Fall Jewelry Fashion Trends: Looks From The Runway to Your Door

Posted by Lisa Field on

Fall Fashion!  No matter what you read or where you look, some of the same fashion staples are coming up as the "must-haves" for this fall season.  We are going to give our take jewelry trends and then go in-depth with each style and give you suggestions for wear in a blog series over the next week.  

Here is what is trending for fall fashion in jewelry this year:

  • Layering and Stacking:  Whether its necklaces, bracelets, or rings, the more the merrier.  Mixing and matching lengths, metals, and styles is a great way to accessorize no matter what the occasion.  Customize your look to your personality with many great pieces here on our website.  

  • Vintage and Statement:  Big and bold never goes out of style!  The biggest seems to be the best this season as everything from large necklaces to huge vintage rings are making the scene in a big way.  If it has that antique look, that just adds to the charm.  Vintage jewelry is a great look with jeans or to put a twist on a dressy outfit.

  • Pearls:  Always classic, this years take on pearls is big, layered and as many as you can wear.  Stack them on the wrist, from the neck, and especially popular this year as a lariat style necklace, they can go downtown or uptown and with any outfit.  We have several classic looks to choose from to add to your fall wardrobe accessories.

  • Chains and Silver:  Chains, chains, chains!  They are everywhere in fashion this autumn and we have a great selection to choose from.  From the basic chain, to the more chunky, layer and mix them to create your own style.  Again, layering is encouraged!

  • Charms:  There isn't many types of jewelry that can have a charm...from rings to necklaces, charms are a popular jewelry pick for the season.  Whether its charms on a bracelet, or charms from earrings, this trend is sure to pop against any outfit.

  • Twist Earrings:  Twist earrings elongate the neckline and draw attention to the face.  This fashion element is straight off the runways onto our store.  They are popular both in thing, elegant styles and bold, over-the-top fashion looks. 
  • Floral Jewelry, Earth Tones and Kaleidoscope Gemstones:  The biggest style going this fall is to go with jewelry that hearkens to Mother Earth.  You see large colorful gemstones, multi color looks in gemstone, and even huge statement gemstones in many of the fashion forward trends this season.  Whether its a leaf element, vintage floral design, or one big huge gemstone in a silver setting, you will get noticed for being on trend.

  • Big Silver:  Big silver pieces, especially cuff jewelry are in this fall.  Cuff bracelets and statement necklaces as well as silver band rings are seen in many fashion photos.  Gear up for fall by getting pieces to stack, mix and match and you will be stylish for the season.

  • Black:  Black is the big color this fall in the jewelry world.  Available in every form of jewelry some of the hottest fashion hits are black stone rings, black metal rings, vintage necklace and bracelets, and black leather.  Mix and match, stack, you can do it all with this most versatile color.  Easy to match with anything, its a classic and even elegant pick.

In the next blog, we will explore layering and stacking for fall and give you some ideas from our inventory of items to put together for those essential autumn outfits.  Stay tuned for all your fall fashion needs!



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