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Candle Mark-Downs mean more savings to YOU!

Milestone Keepsakes is marking down prices on Crossroads Candle jars and passing the savings on to you!  We have taken $3.00 off each 26 oz. jar candle, which means a total savings per order of 12 candles of $36.00 and when you also figure in NO SHIPPING, then you save substantially over the competition's advertised prices!  We are also taking $1.00 off each 16 oz. Crossroads Candle jar to pass along a total savings on an order of twelve of $12.00 total plus NO SHIPPING!  Hurry and get your's today before supplies run out!  Mix and match your favorite scents and stock up before the holiday season.  Great as gifts or a "scensational" addition to your own decor.

Crossroads Candles Milestone Keepsakes

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